Top 30 Chrome Extensions for Nursing Students

From the October 31 entry at Nurse-Tacular - Spectacular web resources for the aspiring nurse

Those of you who are in nursing school might think the browser is too new to offer anything for you. However, there are many options in the below top 30 Chrome extensions for nursing students. They have choices for the medical professional, student, and practically anyone looking to make the most of Chrome. 

Top Chrome Extensions for Nurses

If you are already a nurse, these chrome extensions can really help you out.

  1. Biodigital Human 
    The BioDigital Human is a 3D platform that simplifies the understanding of anatomy, disease, and treatments. There are Anatomy1-150x150.pnginteractive tools for exploring, dissecting, and sharing custom views on the tool. There are also loads of three dimensional items for the learning.
  2. Google Translate 
    Have a patient or ten who don’t speak English? Then type in what they are saying into this extension. It helps translate the phrase into the language of your choice and even offers automatic detection.
  3. Practice Pack 
    If you are a nurse who also does office work, this extension is a must. They have services for timekeeping, invoicing, calendar, and many others. Check out the demos to learn more.
  4. Wolfram Alpha 
    Simply ask this extension a question to get the answers many others have gotten before. The extension provides easy access to the world’s definitive source for expert, computable knowledge from finance and food, to math and medicine. Sample questions include $75,000/yr. and GDP France.
  5. Calcu Now
    Need to calculate something on the fly? Don’t search for the office calculator. Grab this extension to get a customizable calculator that gives results as you type.
  6. Scientific Calculator 
    Need to do calculations that are a little more complex? Then try out this extension which is an advanced scientific calculator. It offers a calculation history, offline capabilities, keyboard shortcuts, and a pop out mode for usage with other apps like Google Docs.
  7. Quick Note 
    See something of nursing interest on the web? Then jot it down with the help of this extension. Use it as a simple notepad, scratchpad, clipboard, or to record to-do lists.
  8. Lucid Chart
    Work with others to draw flowcharts, mockups, and more with the help of this extension. It is a visual collaboration tool that makes drawing diagrams fast and easy. Work together with an unlimited number of others to create and edit diagrams in real time, with changes merged and synced instantaneously.
  9. Human 2.0
    Read news and blogs about how technology is changing us, as individuals and as a society. This extension is for those who feel the same. The news with a twist for the informed citizen is the focus.
  10. HealthAliciousNess
    Get nutrition simplified with the help of this extension. It offers detailed information on fruits and vegetables with an A to Z listing. It also tells you which are the most nutritious and what health benefits they offer.


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