Refreshing Program Ideas

Let's start this group off with a discussion of refreshing ideas to get everyone's creative juices flowing. It can be something you have done or something you have seen done.Myself, I have a travelling armored combat/medieval swordfighting show that I use both in my libraries as an all-ages program and as an outreach tool at schools and other library systems.My second example (and the last I will give for now) is a travelling audio/visual lecture on Japan and modern Japanese culture, combining a digital slide show of Tokyo and its environs and a verbal presentation. This event can be complimented with an Asian food tasting in which five to 40 different authentic (pre-packaged) foods are laid out buffet style. One can truly gain an appreciation for a culture through its food. Plus, it's fun to watch children try things that adults and teens are afraid to touch. Fried coconut caterpillars, anyone?Essentially, I believe that future library programming truly needs to be flexible and portable. If the people won't come to the library, then darn it, we need to bring the programming to them, complete with numerous library plugs and much literature, of course. It's also fun to help out other library systems that may not have the staff, time, or money resources to create elaborate programs by providing some that are already library-tested and patron approved.

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