I just finished listening to this series of 48 CDs (Man, that’s a lot of information!), and I wanted to enthusiastically recommend the series to anyone with any interest at all in the history of western music. I would also recommend the series to any library with materials in their collection focused on the history of music. The series covers western music from ancient Greece up to and including the early 20th century. The speaker, Robert Greenberg, has an astounding grasp of the material at hand, and yet his delightfully irreverent presentation makes the whole thing anything but boring.It’s always so amazing to discover (rediscover?) how deep this stuff actually goes. It makes so much of what we we’re cranking out today seem so shallow by comparison. Enlightening and challenging stuff!This series – and many more like it – are available from the Teaching Company:http://www.teach12.com/teach12.asp?ai=16281

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