Here’s Looking At You, Kids

An excellent article on the whole virtual dignity thing:Here's Looking At You, KidsI have to believe that people are going to have to come up with some really, really interesting excuses to explain their questionable online behavior. This could prove to be quite entertaining to future generations. :)Ya know, when I was a young buck, I had one of those weird teenage epiphanies where I realized that I was probably going to end up married someday and that - since I was aware of that future, that final destination – I was accountable for everything (good and bad) that I did between my little moment of revelation and when I met my future wife, whoever she was going to be. I could either make my life a gift to that future person, or I could act as if my current needs (no matter how selfish) outweighed the needs of any potential significant other. It seemed like a no brainer to me, like common sense. Are kids (or adults!) even thinking about this type of thing with their online activities? I would say that the evidence is a bit discouraging. Where’s common sense when you need it?

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