I just finished Snoop by Sam Gosling. The subtitle (which is a bit misleading) is What Your Stuff Says About You. The reason I say the subtitle is misleading is that the book is about much more than what your “stuff” says about you. It covers a wide variety of theories concerning personality and what we can learn about others by the choices – both conscious and unconscious – that they make in their day-to-day lives. Although the author has focused a great deal of his own research on how we reveal ourselves through our personal space(s), he shares plenty of examples of research done by others on topics as varied as what someone’s online username says about them, the difference between self-directed and other-directed identity claim displays, how surprisingly accurate musical stereotypes can be, and tips on how to avoid being fooled by people who “modify” themselves and their spaces for popular consumption. It’s an excellent read and is most highly recommended.I’m pretty sure that after reading this book you’ll never look at anyone’s office, room, or online profile page the same again.And don't bother trying to fix up your stuff. According to Gosling, it's incredibly hard to fool those who know what they're looking for. :)

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