I'm an interactive strategist with an advertising firm and I'm doing some research about the online habits of public librarians.


The client we are doing research for is interested in starting a program with public libraries (specifically the children's collection) to give away educational systems that help children learn to read.


This client has been running a similar program with kindergarten teachers in the U.S. for several years with great success. In 2010, they did a survey of the kindergarten teachers who had used the educational "toys" in their classrooms and 99% endorsed the product, saying it improved reading skills.


The point is, this isn't a traditional advertising program. My job is to determine the best way to communicate online so the word spreads to as many public and children's librarians as possible as the ultimate goal is to improve literacy.


If anyone is willing to answer a few questions, please send me a Friend request or reply to this thread.


I'd like to know:

- What are the three most common work-related activities you perform online?

- Do you interact with companies or brands on Facebook?

- Would you share a give away opportunity like this with other public librarians?

- Within the online realm, how would you prefer to learn about companies with charitable programs that could benefit your library and patrons? Why is that?

- When you go online to search/research funding or grant programs, what sources do you rely on?

- How involved are you with library professional organizations? Which ones are you most involved with? Do you visit the websites? Do you read emails?


Again, I would really appreciate any insights. 



Alicia Patrick


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