Volunteer preparations

Hello Library 2.016 Volunteers,

We are all looking forward to the conference this Wednesday. Here are a few important pointers.

Prior to Wednesday:

1) If you missed the training sessions, see this 7 minute video I made to help you prepare. http://www.screencast.com/t/v3BR6eNjouJg

2) Login to the Practice Room http://www.thepracticeroom.me

Follow the instructions on the screen to confirm that your audio is working. Also, carefully read through the instructions on the slides (advance them by using the controls at the upper left of the screen).

On Wednesday:

1) 30 minutes prior to the start of your session, login to the Volunteer Lounge at http://thevolunteerlounge.me. I will greet you and you will receive an assignment to a session.

2) While logged into the Volunteer lounge, you will click the link to the session you will assist. You will then be logged into two sessions simultaneously. (We keep the Volunteer Lounge quiet, though, so you won't have to listen to audio from two sessions at the same time.)

3) Follow the instructions on the slides that are pre-loaded in the session. Remember, you can see a basic preview of those slides in the Practice Room: http://www.thepracticeroom.me

4) If you have questions or tech issues, ask for assistance in the Volunteer Lounge.

For additional training details, you can see a recorded training session:

Thanks very much for helping to make this online conference a success!


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