2.012 Strands

The Library 2.012 conference strands are listed below.


STRAND 1: Libraries – Physical and Virtual Learning Spaces
Strand Tag:  "2.012Libraries"
Example Topics:

  • Learning commons
  • Community centers
  • New literacies: digital literacy, visual literacy, media literacy, information literacy
  • Serving distributed and distance users
  • The library as a space versus the library as a service
  • Gaming spaces

STRAND 2: Librarians & Information Professionals - Evolving Professional Roles in Today’s World

Strand Tag:  "2.012Librarians"
Example Topics:

  • Library and Information professional careers in a networked and changing world
  • Embedded librarians
  • Applying library and information science skills in a non library environment
  • Advocacy and building influence (professionally and institutionally)
  • Library privatization
  • Kinds of leadership skills needed in libraries in the 21st century
  • Multilingual information management
  • Retooling/continuing professional development

STRAND 3: Content & Creation - Organizing and Creating Information

Strand Tag:  "2.012ContentCreation"
Example Topics:

  • Social organization of information
  • Subject gateways, online catalogs, and portals
  • Metadata: creation, storage, management, dissemination, harvesting and aggregating
  • RDA
  • Library automation / management software / integrated library systems
  • From information consumption to digital  co-creation and production
  • Digital copyright and licensing
  • Open Source Software
  • Digital curation
  • Oral history

STRAND 4: Changing Delivery Methods

Strand Tag:  "2.012Delivery"
Example Topics:

  • e-Books
  • Social networking media for outreach and service promotion
  • Changing roles of publishers
  • Working with vendors in the digital age
  • Measuring and assessing: determining the effectiveness of new service delivery methods
  • Outsourcing
  • Digital repositories

STRAND 5: User Centered Access
Strand Tag:  "2.012Access"
Example Topics:

  • Participatory service
  • Cultural diversity issues
  • Multilingual populations/services
  • Services for people with disabilities
  • Conflicts between privacy and freedom of speech in a hyperlinked world
  • Measuring and assessing access
  • Search engines and search engine optimization

STRAND 6: Mobile and Geo-Social Information Environments
Strand Tag:  "2.012Mobile"
Example Topics:

  • Location-based mobile social networks
  • Mobile apps and delivery
  • QR Codes
  • Augmented reality
  • Smart Objects
  • RFID