2.013 Attendee Evaluation Positive Feedback

An illuminating and thought-provoking conference that provides a solid and professional platform for scholars and practitioners in the library and information sciences to come together to collaborate, discuss, and analyze many of the major ideas, issues, and challenges of and for libraries and information. An informative and interesting space for those individuals and institutions involved in the LIS field.
– Anonymous

The Library 2.013 collaboration is a grand example of emerging community on a global scale. Both the session topics and the very act of connecting to professional colleagues around the globe brings fresh perspectives and vibrancy to the world of ideas and information.
– Craig Seasholes

Library 2.0 is an incredible event that I hope to be part of in the future! Having participated as a presenter and moderator (both for the first time this year), it was exhilarating to interact with colleagues from all over the world.
– Rose Flores Medlock

It's awesome! I am a full time manager and a full time student so I can only access to much of this given the other parameters of my life at this time. Recordings being available is invaluable! This kind of conference being presented by SJSU SLIS shows how much of an industry leader they are. I'm proud to be earning my MLIS at SJSU!
– Ellen Holt

This is a great way to connect and bring more awareness to the state of libraries and the profession around the world.
– Donna Scheeder

A great idea!! I sat at my office in Jamaica and participated in a session with librarians globally!! Fantastic!
– Viviene

I can't thank you enough for this conference. Our library does not have the funding to send us to conferences and even online webinars can be expensive. This conference is not only free but the ability to hear from people around the world is priceless.
– Lori

Keep it up, because if it wasn't for this conference I don't think I would have the opportunity to learn new ideas or find out how others tackle problems in the library environment.
– Anonymous

I'm so excited to be attending this conference and getting to hear all of these world class librarians talk about the field.
– Stephanie Routhier Perry

So far it's been a great experience! It's a wonderful opportunity for librarians to share concerns across cultures and geographic boundaries.
– Mandi Goodsett

Very user friendly and informative for individuals seeking to gain knowledge in the expectations of the 21st Century library.
– Anonymous

This is a great conference! The presentations are so full of great information! There is always something new to learn and never a dull moment!
– Jade Valenzuela

What an incredible opportunity to participate in a global discussion about libraries.
– Megan Ingle

Really useful and really enjoyable as a presenter, moderator or just like a simple visitor as well. You can get many kind of valuable experiences from all over the world and build connections
– for free!
– Marton Nemeth

Continue presenting this annual conference!
– Anonymous

What a terrrific idea! I will look forward to using the archived sessions, too.
– Karen Nelson

Cool, really cool.
– Yulia

So much to choose from! Thank goodness for the recordings--I'm going to have a lot in my "to watch" list.
– Anonymous

Great idea. Thanks for the exposure to this wide and varied learning opportunity.
– Vivene

Wonderful resource!
– Stephanie Routhier Perry

Very diverse collection of presentations which is great!
– Elizabeth Karr

I love that you do this. I hope that all of these recordings will be available after the fact?
– Anonymous

It's a great opportunity and a wonderful way to learn what other librarians are interested in around the world.
– Mandi Goodsett

Other than personal computer difficulties which prevent me from having a reliable connection, I have enjoyed the presentations, organization and evidence of repeat participatory culture (annual loyalty), and depth and variety of topics -
– a true global village in action.
– Michael Lamott Mason

I have found the international perspective to be very interesting and insightful.
– Gillian

Wonderful, easy way to attend a conference!
– Cynde Elkins

Wonderful learning and sharing opportunity. Thank you all for putting this together.
– Anonymous

I just wish I had more time in a day to attend the sessions. Luckily we can browse through session recordings later on. Thanks for putting this together once again.
– Jennifer Garcia

what a wonderful thing to have... I hope it never goes away.
– Kathleen Johnson

Love it! Thank you for putting it together!
– Kim Carson

I think that it is a wonderful opportunity for people to both take part in presenting and listening to conference presentations
– sometimes people who have barriers to taking part in the traditional conferences
– Donna Frederick

Fantastic conference. Too much to choose from.
– Anonymous

I love the conference. Will continue to come back year after year
– Anonymous

It is, for the most part, excellent. A great opportunity for continuing education and sharing of ideas and information, from the comforts of home.
– Anonymous

A great conference, and I can listen to these wonderful sessions in my pyjamas! Not that I am actually in pj's but I could if I wanted to and nobody would know.
– John Cummins

The conference provides much insight and direction for professionals.
– Anonymous

Great to see it become so accommodating of the Australian timezone.
– Anonymous

Great opportunity to connect with librarians and information professionals from around the world....all for FREE!
– Melanie A

Just love the format of this conference. Online and free, can't beat it :-)
– Anonymous

Thanks very much for organising it, and I hope to attend next time too. Will promote to everyone I know!
– Sue Toms

So much value for the money!
– Kathleen Johnson

Nice that there's some presentations on at a reasonable hour for us folks "down under"!
– Steph Ellis

The conference is really useful to me as being a presenter, moderator or just a member of the audience. It helps to build connections and hear about really interesting topics.
– Marton Nemeth

Brilliant organisation. Amazing.
– Helen Lees

LOVE LOVE it. So valuable to connect with others and get so many amazing ideas. Would like to volunteer for the next one but not sure how it works.
– Anonymous

This was my first session, off to do another. Really neat idea! Love that people from around the world can attend.
– Anonymous

Awesome as usual, very empowering.
– Anonymous

Wonderful opportunity to learn in an anytime anywhere setting FOR FREE but definitely most fun to catch in real time.
– Katie Sanders

Please keep doing this. It is a wonderful resource for librarians who don't have many opportunities for professional development.
– Anonymous

Even better than last year.
– Anonymous

Great presenter topics! Looking forward to next year!
– Anonymous

I've loved the sessions I've attended live, and really appreciate the recordings being made available so I can check out those that ran in the early hours NZ time.
– Anonymous

Very good selection of presenters this year. I wish I had more time to see/hear more sessions. Glad they are available via link though!
– Katy Philby

Love, love this conference! Want more of it! I find the weekend timing a bit tricky to manage,and the weekdays (such as last year) works a bit better. But keep it coming. Such a great professional development opportunity.
– Anonymous

I think it's going to be a wonderful opportunity to learn about the global world of today's libraries and librarians.
– Anonymous


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