2013 Attendee Suggestions

Well organised and moderated. More needs to be done to create awareness as well as publicity and connect with countries in other parts of the world in order to bridge the gap between developed and developing countries about the latest concerning the concept of library in a global village in the 21st century.

It's very cumbersome and takes too much time to download files and relaunch the software for each and every session I want to attend. Perhaps I am not doing something right - but assuming that's not the case - there must be a better platform out there. Can't you just do this live over the web via a web browser?

Due to time shift not able to participate fully.

Other than personal computer difficulties which prevent me from having a reliable connection, I have enjoyed the presentations, organization and evidence of repeat participatory culture (annual loyalty), and depth and variety of topics -- a true global village in action.

As a children's librarian I felt that there was very little of relevance to me - last year was much better

A few of the sessions have been kind of sub-par, to be honest. The tips for moderating online discussions was EXCELLENT. But a lot of the presenters did not know how to use the platform and that took just extra time. Some just read their slides. Keynotes were fantastic!

I might get inspired to make time to look at the previous years' archives.

Where is the general information about session badges?
Some sessions give a lot of clear information about registering for them, others do not.

This was my first virtual conference and I must admit it was a bit odd not having direct audience feedback.

A technical note. I tried following Steve's advice and loaded the slides as images. When I initially looked at them after they loaded up, they were in order (Christina can attest to that)...but then when the presentation actually started, they got jumbled. So that was rather disconcerting.

I really enjoyed this. The time frame was probably not the most desirable time frame (Friday-Saturday) but I can't wait to watch some of the recordings.


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