2015 Recordings

As conference sessions conclude, the links below will begin to take you to the recordings. No results for a link could indicate the session has not been held yet, the recording has not processed yet, or the session was cancelled. The first recordings to appear will be the full Blackboard Collaborate recordings -- in a few days the .mp3 and .mp4 recordings will then appear.

Check out the Library 2.015 Keynote sessions on YouTube.

Listings are alphabetical by the last name of the primary presenter. Use Ctrl+F/Cmd+F to search.

Seth Allen RECORDING Instructing the Masses with an Army of One: Extending Information Literacy Online with a Limited Budget and Staff
Barbara Alvarez RECORDING Embedded Business Librarianship at Your Public Library
Naomi Bates RECORDING #TLDAY15 Building Reading Culture with Book Trailers
Samantha Adams Becker RECORDING Ready or Not, Here They Come: Tech Trends for Academic and Research Libraries
Karen Bonano RECORDING #TLDAY15 TLs Driving School Culture as Thought Leaders
Mandy Callow RECORDING Implementing a learning objects repository - pitfalls and possibilities
Laureen P. Cantwell RECORDING Does What We Do Matter?: Intensive Ask-a-Librarian Statistics Tracking and Doubling-Down on Professional Librarian Expertise
Tina Chan & Brandon West RECORDING Where Does It Fit In?: The Use of Print Reference in Upper Division Library Instruction
Michelle Chen RECORDING Improving the Analysis of Large Digital Collections: A Topic-Based Visualization Model for Better Information Access and Retrieval
Ahava Cohen RECORDING Creating and using a national multi-lingual authority file
Sean Cordes RECORDING And, Or and Not, Ifs, Ands, or Buts: Framing new literacy learning through process integration.
Dr. Sherry R. Crow & Dr. Lisa Kastello RECORDING Looking at Cultural Differences in Motivating Students to Seek Information: U.S., Uganda, and India
Aryn Dagirmanjian & Cathey Moffatt-Bush RECORDING Building Stronger Communities: Connecting Your Library and the Nonprofit World
Joseph Dudley RECORDING Making electronic collections more visible and accessible for library patrons
Robin Fay RECORDING Building a Digital Library from Scratch
Donna Frederick RECORDING Can't you make that record look better? Cataloguing and the "display pitfall"
Jennifer Garcia RECORDING Taking the Leap: Maker Spaces in the LRC (Avanzando a Grandes Pasos: Los Espacios Maker en los CRA)
Loida Garcia-Febo, Fernando Gabriel Gutierrez, María García-Puente & Natalie Baur RECORDING Online educational spaces by and for librarians: best practices and models
Melissa Fortson Green RECORDING Creating Accessible User Experiences with Accessibility Evaluation Tools
Toby Greenwalt RECORDING Flywheel Libraries: Making Library Service Visible in the Information Ecosystem
Dr. Valerie Hill & Suzette Lewis RECORDING Librarians Utilizing Virtual Reality
J B Hill, Carol Macheak, Shawn Manis, Sandeep Mariyala & Chelsea Young RECORDING Reference 2.015: Transitioning to a New Model of Service
Sandra Hirsh RECORDING Information Services Today: Essential Tools, Skills, and Competencies for Transformative Information Landscapes
Norm Jacknis RECORDING How The Future Requires Us To Re-envision Libraries
Tina D. Jagerson RECORDING Become Your Library's Technology Futurist
Amy Jiang RECORDING 3D printing and beyond, how and why library can take leadership in the Makers Movement on campus
Jennifer Joe RECORDING Building a Physical Library in the Digital Age
Scott Jones RECORDING Digitization:The Future of LIS and Archives?
Robin Kear & Aaron Brenner RECORDING A Catalyst for Connections: A Collaborative Strategic Planning Process
kYmberly Keeton RECORDING Creating Information Literacy Toolkits for HBCU Libraries--Undergraduate Research
Carol Koechlin & Anita Brooks Kirkland RECORDING A Catalyst for Igniting Change: Leading Learning: Standards of Practice for School Library Learning Commons in Canada
Rebecca Leonhard RECORDING Disaster Recovery...in the OPAC
David V. Loertscher & Carol Koechlin RECORDING Responsive Dynamics of the Learning Commons: Discovery and Project Learning
David V. Loertscher & Robyn Richardson RECORDING Discovery Learning in the Library Learning Commons
Lili Luo RECORDING Consumer Health Reference Interview: Best Practices
Phil Morehart RECORDING ALA presents Inside New Library Design
Judi Moreillon RECORDING 21st-century School Librarians Take Reciprocal Mentoring Online with #txlchat
Bekti Mulatiningsih RECORDING Indonesian LIS Professionals’ Understanding of Library 2.0
Raymond Pun RECORDING First Year Library Instruction in China: Active Learning, Collaboration and Assessment
Melissa Purcell RECORDING Using Primary Sources Available on Awesome Stories in Lesson Plans
Victoria Raish RECORDING Importance of Providing Tailored Services to Online Students
Gina Robinson RECORDING Educating Students To Succeed in a 21st Century Society by Teaching ICT Literacy Skills
Craig Seasholes + Panel RECORDING #TLDAY15 Social Justice @Library
Melanie Sellar RECORDING Strategies for Internationalizing LIS Courses
Richard Sigwald RECORDING Self-Service is Good Service: Baltimore County Public Library's transition to a self service model
Michael Stephens RECORDING Full Stacks, Introverts, & Zero-Sum Librarians: Notes from Office Hours
David Stern RECORDING RDA offers semantic meanings and powerful new linking associations
Ross Todd RECORDING #TLDAY15 Opening Keynote
Christinger Tomer RECORDING Lightweight Markup Languages and the New Digital Writing Tools
Virginia M. Tucker RECORDING Professional searchers today: Leadership roles in design & information experience
Rachel Vacek & Robert Newell RECORDING Impact the UX of your Website with Contextual Inquiry
Joyce Valenza, Michelle Luhtala, & Shannon Miller RECORDING #TLDAY15 What It Means to Build a Reading Culture
Joyce Valenza RECORDING #TLDAY15 What's Next in the TL World
B.Vijayalakshmi RECORDING Mobile Access to Library Services
David Weinberger RECORDING Library as Platforms: Lessons from News Media
John Louie Zabala RECORDING Friends with Benefits: Information Seeking and Information Evaluation of Social Media Information
Judith Zorfass & Kristin Ruedel RECORDING Helping Students with Disabilities Conduct Research