Conference Partners

Founding Partner:

The School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) at San José State University ( is the founding conference sponsor. SLIS is the largest accredited library and information science program in the world. With their office located on the San José State University campus, and through their online program, they serve students throughout the entire state of California as well as other states and nations. Dr. Sandy Hirsh, the director of SLIS, is co-chair of the conference.



Sponsoring Partners:

Follett Software
Combining proven thought leadership with digitally powered, K-12 technology solutions, Follett Software helps sustain a rich, collaborative, 21st century learning environment that supports student success. Follett’s integrated educational technologies, training and services help districts achieve better results by maximizing resources—from library materials, digital content, textbooks and other assets, to school and student data.

Neal-Schuman Foundation
The Neal-Schuman Foundation, established in 2000 by Neal-Schuman Publishers' founders Patricia Glass Schuman and John Vincent Neal, strives to aid and promote charitable research and education for the improvement of libraries. For over thirty-five years, Neal-Schuman Publishers has served the library and information science community with all of the professional, reference and training materials needed to succeed amidst continuous change and challenges. Always evolving, Neal-Schuman's recent releases include the ALA award-winning The Tech Set, a series of ten practical, cutting-edge field guides to today's hottest technologies for information professionals, and Information Users and Usability in the Digital Age, the first information studies textbook to offer a holistic overview of user-centered design and information users’ characteristics and behavior. We are delighted to support the Library 2.011 worldwide virtual conference.

To be considered as a conference sponsoring partner, please email



Blackboard Collaborate
Simple and accessible web conferencing, instant messaging, and voice authoring integrate seamlessly to your choice of CMS or LMS.

Peer-Ed creates award-winning professional development and successfully trains educators from around the world to offer these learning opportunities to their teachers. Educators in more than 50 countries have used Peer-Ed’s workshops to improve learning. Peer-Ed team members developed Peer Coaching, provide training for Peer Coach facilitators, and support communities of coaches around the world.


Partner Organizations:

Partner organizations are listed below. Our goal for the conference is to have it be a milestone event, bringing together organizations and individuals from all over the world. We recognize that much of the outreach for this conference will come from libraries, schools, or organizations who advertise the conference to their memberships, and we want to recognize and "reward" those who do this.

Whether you are a small school library or a multi-national organization, we want to encourage you to become a conference partner. You apply using the form at the bottom of this page and must be non-commercial and primarily or substantively focused on libraries, librarians, librarianship, or library programs to be approved. Once approved, your organization will be listed with a link, logo, and a short description; and you will be provided with a "spotlight" speaker session in the conference.

There are no financial obligations for being a partner organization--all we ask is that you actively promote the conference to your membership and network, and encourage participation as well as presentations and submissions. Partner organizations also have their own announcement "group" on the network, so once approved be sure to join at


Accessible Technology Coalition
The Accessible Technology Coalition ( is a program of the Center for Accessible Technology designed to provide articles, news notes, and an online classroom with training and information on disability related technology. We provide free training to librarians on a variety of topics: how best to serve people with disabilities, the accessibility features built into computers, how to create accessible documents, disability specific technology, making your website accessible, etc.

ALA International Relations Round Table
The mission of the International Relations Round Table is to promote interest in library issues and librarianship worldwide; to help coordinate international activities within ALA, serving as a liaison between the International Relations Committee and those members of the Association interested in international relations; to develop programs and activities which further the international objectives of ALA; and to provide hospitality and information to visitors from abroad.



American Library Association (ALA)
The object of the American Library Association is to promote library service and librarianship. The mission is to provide leadership for the development, promotion, and improvement of library and information services and the profession of librarianship in order to enhance learning and ensure access to information for all.

American Society for Information Science and Technology
Since 1937, the American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) has been the society for information professionals leading the search for new and better theories, techniques, and technologies to improve access to information. ASIS&T brings together diverse streams of knowledge, focusing what might be disparate approaches into novel solutions to common problems. ASIS&T bridges the gaps not only between disciplines but also between the research that drives and the practices that sustain new developments.

Asian Pacific American Librarian Association
Founded in 1980, the Asian Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA) was incorporated in Illinois in 1981 and formally affiliated with the American Library Association (ALA) in 1982. APALA was organized and founded by librarians of diverse Asian and Pacific ancestries committed to working together toward a common goal: to create an organization that would address the needs of Asian Pacific American librarians and those who serve Asian Pacific American communities. For more information about APALA please visit us at

Association of Caribbean University, Research and Institutional Libraries
Regional library and research institutions organization in the Caribbean. established in 1969.

Association of Teachers of Social Studies/UFT
The mission of the Association of Teachers of Social Studies/UFT is to provide a network through which Social Studies educators and other related professionals can advocate for Social Studies education and share scholarship, information, strategies and practices related to those issues that are both important and relevant to Social Studies instruction.

Califa Library Group
The Califa Library Group is a not for profit membership cooperative serving libraries and information organizations in California. Established in 2004 with LSTA funding from the California State Library, Califa collaborates with members and provides leadership for cooperative negotiations to help ensure that members receive quality information resources. With over 220 members, including most of the public libraries, Califa is the largest library network in California. Califa’s membership includes all sizes and types of libraries – academic, research, public, school, corporate, medical, law, and special. A Board of Directors, elected by and from the membership, governs Califa, which is based in San Mateo, CA with an office in Los Angeles.

California Library Association
Founded in 1895, CLA is California's Leading Library Advocate & Professional Development Provider. The Association provides leadership for the development, promotion and improvement of library services, librarianship and the library community.

California School Library Association
The California School Library Association advocates, educates, and collaborates to ensure that all California students and educators are effective users of ideas and information.

Chicago Public Schools Dept of Libraries
The Chicago Public Schools Department of Libraries supports the needs of over 600 schools in our district. We provide support for purchasing, policies, establishment of new libraries, grant participation, and librarian professional development. We, also, provide access to a suite of online databases and an eBook Virtual Library for our students.

Chinese American Librarians Association
Founded in 1973, the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) strives to enhance communication among its members, to collaborate with librarians of all cultural backgrounds on the promotion of library services to all in the United States, and to take a leadership role in global reach with special emphasis on Asian and Pacific Rim countries. It has seven chapters in the United States and over 1,000 members across North America, China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other countries and regions. CALA is an affiliate of the American Library Association. For more information, please visit

Colorado Association of Libraries
The Colorado Association of Libraries (CAL) is the common bond, voice, and power for the library community. We are united to advocate for quality library services, support access to information, and foster the professional development of our members. Through CAL's efforts, Colorado libraries will be essential to the enrichment of all Colorado communities. The Association will be the most powerful advocate for all library issues in the state. As a model association, CAL will be the first choice for leadership, advocacy, and professional development. CAL members are librarians, library employees, institutions, and corporations drawn from public, school, academic, and special libraries; public library trustees; education administrators; library service providers; library vendors; volunteers; and library supporters.

East Tennessee Library Association (ETLA)
This is a group for all persons affiliated with or interested in East Tennessee libraries.

Ethnic & Multicultural Information Exchange Round Table (EMIERT)


Hudson Valley Library Association (HVLA)
HVLA brings together librarians primarily from independent K-12 schools in the New York City, Long Island, Westchester and nearby New Jersey and Connecticut communities. With a minimum of formality and a maximum of benefit, members meet three times a year to discuss and consider a wide range of topics, including evaluation of books and reading programs, technology and libraries, information literacy, and professional development. An active listserv keeps us connected between meetings. In addition, divisional groups exist for lower, middle, and upper school librarians to discuss curricular and collection-related interests.

IFLA Section Library Services to Multicultural Populations


Los Angeles Public Library


Lubuto Library Project, Inc.
Lubuto Library Project, Inc. is an innovative development organization. In cooperation with governments, it creates opportunities for equitable education and poverty reduction through libraries and related educational, cultural and community programs. Its mission is to enrich the lives of street children, orphans and other vulnerable and out-of-school children and youth in sub-Saharan Africa. The organization constructs beautiful, indigenously-styled open-access libraries stocked with a comprehensive collection of well-chosen books. These libraries serve as safe havens and are the center for Lubuto’s programs, which offer discovery and joy through reading, music, art, drama, computers and other activities.

Massachusetts Library Association
The Massachusetts Library Association advocates for and empowers the Massachusetts library community by providing leadership, legislative advocacy, professional development, networking opportunities, and by defending intellectual freedom.

Michigan Association for Media in Education (MAME)
MAME is the statewide organization for school library media specialists in Michigan. MAME offers members an active community for sharing resources, information, and support. We have several conference and workshop opportunities throughout the year. MAME members also organize in order to advocate for school librarians through legislation on the state and national levels.

Nevada Department of Transportation Research Library
The primary obligation of the Nevada Department of Transportation Research Library is to provide transportation-related information and information services to NDOT employees, government employees and to the general public.

Okavango Research Institute Library
The Okavango Research Institute Library serves as a research support hub for the researchers and greate Okavango community as a whole. Its subject coverage of materials is wide ranging from tourism to rangeland management, livelihoods, fisheries all related to the OD's ecosytem.It is also a repository of Government document and consultants reports related to the Okavango River basin and are in support of the Government of Botswana's Okavango Delta management plan

Ontario Library Association
Founded in 1900, the Ontario Library Association is the oldest continually operating library association in Canada. With more than 5,000 members who work in or with the library sector, the OLA is the largest library association in the country. The Ontario Library Association, through leadership and collaboration, is a centre of excellence for the library and information sector. We enable members, through their shared values, dynamic expertise and collective wisdom to -- advocate for free and equitable access to information; research and develop innovative programs and services; and deliver exemplary library and information services throughout Ontario.

Queens Library
Queens Library is an independent, not-for-profit corporation and is not affiliated with any other library. Queens Library serves a population of 2.3 million in one of the most ethnically diverse counties in the U.S. and has among the highest circulations of any public library system in the world. For more information about programs, services, locations, events and news, visit the Queens Library web site at or phone 718-990-0700. Queens Library. Enrich your life®

Queensland University of Technology
Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is a highly successful Australian university with an applied emphasis in courses and research. Based in Brisbane Australia, with a global outlook, it has 40,000 students, including 6000 from overseas, and an annual budget of more than AU$500 million.

Established in 1971 as an affiliate of the American Library Association (ALA), REFORMA has actively sought to promote the development of library collections to include Spanish-language and Latino oriented materials; the recruitment of more bilingual and bicultural library professionals and support staff; the development of library services and programs that meet the needs of the Latino community; the establishment of a national information and support network among individuals who share our goals; the education of the U.S. Latino population in regards to the availability and types of library services; and lobbying efforts to preserve existing library resource centers serving the interests of Latinos.

Special Libraries Association
The Special Libraries Association (SLA) is a nonprofit global organization for innovative information professionals and their strategic partners. SLA serves more than 9,000 members in 75 countries in the information profession, including corporate, academic and government information specialists. SLA promotes and strengthens its members through learning, advocacy and networking initiatives. For more information, visit

State Library of Queensland
The State Library is committed to the belief that an empowered and progressive society depends on creative thinking and the sharing of knowledge. In fulfilling our vision, Enriching the lives of Queenslanders, we are focused on three goals--Expanding Queensland memory, Extending access and participation, and Fostering learning and literacy--through a number of services including learning and literacy programs, events, exhibitions, supporting public libraries and sharing and developing the collection with Queenslanders.

TL Virtual Cafe
The TL Virtual Cafe is committed to creating transformative conversations about teacher-librarians, educational technology, and collaborative connections to facilitate meaningful and lifelong learning skills. These conversations occur during FREE Webinars utilizing Elluminate donated by Learn Central and Steve Hargadon.

Washington Library Media Association
The Washington Library Media Association is a volunteer organization that provides networking opportunities and professional support for teacher-librarians, library paraprofessionals, parents, teachers and administrators.

WebJunction is the place where public library staff gather to build the knowledge, skills and support we need to power relevant, vibrant libraries. Community, collaboration, and support for lifelong learning guide all our activities. Our values ensure that all public libraries—regardless of size or location—can effectively use and share resources towards common goals. Through WebJunction’s Partner Program, state library agencies are able to provide library staff with unlimited self-paced training, premium access to webinars, and localized resources and expertise.