Library 2.0 Mini-Conference FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the free Library 2.0 mini-conferences?
The Library 2.0 mini-conference events are held three times a year on specific library-related topics. They are designed to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among information professionals worldwide.

What is the format of the mini-conferences?
Each mini-conference is three hours long, and consists of a one-hour keynote panel; then three half-hour slots with a total of 10-15 crowd-sourced presentations; and finishing with a 30-minute closing keynote. 

What is the conference online platform?
Mini-conference sessions are held in the Zoom virtual meeting platform. To test your individual computer or device, go to and sign up for a free account.

Are the mini-conferences really free?
Yes. The School of Information at San José State University is the founding conference sponsor and supports the event series so that it can be freely available.

How do I register for a mini-conference?
Each mini-conference has a devoted page on, and on that page is a link to the individual conference registration, which takes place through Eventbrite. 

Where do I find the specific agenda for a mini-conference?
The detailed agenda for each mini-conference is hosted on its devoted page and is usually posted in final form the week before the event.

How can I join a conference on the day of the event?
You can join a Library 2.0 mini-conference at any time up to, and during, the actual conference. You follow the regular conference Eventbrite sign-up link on the conference page, and an automated email with the schedule and sign-in instructions is sent to you within minutes.

Can I listen to just part of a conference?
Yes. Once you have registered for a mini-conference, you can pick and choose which sessions to attend, and can come and go in sessions as you please.

Can I volunteer to help with a conference?
Yes, each mini-conference has a team of volunteer moderators to help presenters during their sessions in case they encounter any difficulties. Look for the “volunteer” link in the main Library 2.0 site menu.

How do I access the recordings of the Library 2.0 events?
The Library 2.0 online event series started in 2010 as a multi-day annual online event. There are now 10 years of conference keynote and session recordings available on the Library 2.0 site, and many keynote sessions on the Library 2.0 YouTube channel. Access to the recordings is free, requiring only a free Library 2.0 account. 

How can I ask questions or provide feedback during or after the event?
During the mini-conference event, there is an online chat box available on the front page of Library 2.0. You can also chat with other attendees in a particular keynote or session by using the Zoom chat feature.

Can I present at a Library 2.0 mini-conference?
Yes, each mini-conference has a call for proposals that opens when the conference is announced, and gives you the opportunity to propose a 30-minute presentation session on the specific conference topic.