Thank you for being a part of our Library 2.0 mini-conference. Please continue to promote the conference by sharing this link:

You have been sent your time confirmation, along with your Zoom login and password, by email. If you have not received these, please email admin@learningrevolution.comYour public session link was also sent to you--it is for you to give to any co-presenters and for your own practicing. Please do not advertise or give this link out to anyone else. If you know someone who wants to attend your session or the conference in general, please have them register at

1. PRESENTATION TIME: You should have scheduled your presentation time already, and it should have been confirmed to you by email.

2. CONFERENCE PLATFORM: We are using the virtual meeting platform for all presentations. You were sent a special Zoom login and password for presenting. Do not give this account information to anyone else, including any co-presenters. 

To use your conference-specific Zoom login account, either for practicing or when you present on the day of the conference, you will need to temporarily log out of any other Zoom account you are currently using. Go to, click on "MY ACCOUNT" at the top right, then click on "SIGN OUT." 

Please practice using the Zoom platform and have someone else use the public link to make sure, in particular, that your audio, video, and sharing of your presentation slides is working. We expect that you will make sure you are comfortable presenting in Zoom and have practiced. While we will have a volunteer moderator in your room to support you, they will be there to help with managing the attendees and providing emergency help--not basic training. We ask you to email to confirm that you have practiced in the program and are fully prepared. If you need help with Zoom, please contact us and we'll do a run-through with you.

3. TO START (OPEN) YOUR ZOOM ROOM: Once logged into, you start (open) your Zoom room by finding for the "HOST A MEETING" link at the top right of the Zoom page, hovering over it, and choosing to start your meeting either with or without video. You are not required to present with video of yourself showing, but one of the benefits of the Zoom platform is the high quality webcam video. When you are in Zoom, if you don't see the toolbar, it should appear when you hover your mouse over the bottom of the screen.

You should log in and start your special Zoom session at least thirty minutes before your conference session is to start. You also need to check in on this chat
page If you haven't checked in 15 minutes before your session, we will call you. Please do not actually start presenting until the official start time, although you are welcome to communicate by chat with any attendees who arrive early.

When you log into your Zoom room, you're using the special log-in credentials for the conference. If you open the participant window, you can hover over the default name "Learning..." and rename yourself to your actual name.

4. CO-PRESENTER(S) & YOUR VOLUNTEER MODERATOR: If you have co-presenters, they will have to sign up for a free Zoom account or use one they already have. They will log into your session using your specific general public link given above. You will then need to go to the participant list in your session, hover over their name, click on the MORE button, and make them a "co-host." Do not make them the "host" of the room, as you would then lose your own host status--be sure instead to make them a "co-host." You should practice this with any co-presenters in advance.

We are currently working on having a volunteer moderator in each room to help. You will need to make the volunteer moderator a co-host as well. We will be asking them to message you in the chat when they come into your room before the session starts to let you know they are your moderator, and you will follow the same steps to make them a co-host.

The Zoom account that we are using will allow up to 300 people into your meeting room. By default they will have their audio and video turned off so as not to distract you, and they have specific instructions on the opening slide and in their final email directions not to try and turn them on. However, if anyone does, your volunteer moderator's job will be to quickly mute or hide them. The inability to permanently lock their video in the off position is one of the few downsides to Zoom's standard functionality, If you do want to allow a participant to take the microphone, say in a Q&A portion of your presentation, please ask the attendee to raise his or her virtual hand in the participant box, and you can hover over their name and “unmute.” This immediately turns on their microphone. You could do this for video but we don't recommend it.

5. YOUR PRESENTATION SLIDES: You can create your presentation slides in any format on your computer that you would normally use, but you will need to make sure that you can screen-share that presentation in your session room. The screen-sharing of presentations is done through the share button at the bottom of your screen. You start your presentation on your computer, you click on the share button in Zoom, you select the screen/application which is your presentation, and it will share it with the participants. Again, please make sure you practice this and connect with us if you are experiencing any difficulties. The Zoom help center topic on screen-sharing is at When you go to share your screen, the toolbar that was at the bottom of your screen will minimize and jump to the top of the screen. You will have to click it and explore the "More..." options to start the recording and re-open the chat and participants boxes.

We have sent you a small set of opening slides that you need to incorporate into the start of your presentation. Please start your presentation with our starting slide and move through them before showing your own presentation slides. The slides are sent in .pptx, .jpg (zipped), and Google Slides format. Please put your name and your session title on the opening slide, and please recognize the SJSU School of Information as the founding partner for the conference when you get to that slide, right before you begin your own presentation slides. 

If you want to share your presentation file with your attendees, you will do that by logging into, finding your presentation proposal in the accepted proposals group (, and then attaching them as part of a "reply" to your proposal.

6. RECORDING YOUR SESSION: You will be responsible for clicking the record button (bottom of the screen) when you start your actual presentation, and then clicking it off when you are done. Your recording will process and then be available to our master Zoom account, which we will convert and upload to YouTube in the Library 2.0 YouTube channel ( We will also place a link to it on the conference main page on Library 2.0. To make sure you don't forget to record, there is a slide, in the set of opening slides attached, which reminds you to start recording.

7. CELL PHONE / CONTACT: We'd like a direct contact line with you for the day of the conference in case there are any problems, or if your volunteer moderator needs to contact you. We will call you if you haven't checked in 15 minutes before your session time. Please send your cell phone number to and remember to keep your cell phone with you on the day of the conference. Thank you. 

Here's to a great conference! See you "online."

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