Our first Webinar in a special Library 2.0 series with Dr. Steve Albrecht wasTuesday, November 20th. We added 30 minutes to the end of the event for optional viewing, during which time we heard from Dr. Christie Kaaland, author of Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery in School Libraries: Creating a Safe Haven, and then from Shauna Burkeen, the librarian at Marshall County High School who experienced a school shooting this past January with 52 students in the library. More information on both Christie and Shauna below.

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TOPIC: "Responding to an Active Shooter in the Library: Protecting Patrons and Staff From a Rare But Catastrophic Event."

PRESENTED BY: Dr. Steve Albrecht, author, Library Security: Better Communications, Safer Facilities (ALA, 2015)

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DESCRIPTION: Recent mass shootings in public places should remind all library leaders and their staffs to review their emergency response plans to this disturbing event. These incidents are often foreshadowed by warning signs and specific pre-attack behaviors by disturbed patrons that may be noticed by staff members.

This 60-minute webinar is led by Dr. Steve Albrecht, a national leader in both workplace violence prevention and library security. He'll provide safety tools and security techniques to empower library employees at every level, not frighten them. This includes his discussion of how some people make threats and others pose threats; the national response protocol known as Run-Hide-Fight; how to safely evacuate all patrons and staff; how to shelter in place in the library; and how to best protect patrons and staff from an armed attacker. Dr. Albrecht will also discuss why these perpetrators strike in the first place and what we can learn from past cases as a way to both understand and stop them.


For the past 17 years, Dr. Steve Albrecht has made himself well-known to library training audiences around the country. His fast and empowering workshops focus on library safety and security issues; patron behavioral problems; customer service tools; and facility security improvements. His 2015 book, Library Security: Better Communication, Safer Facilities, was published by the ALA.

Steve is one of the country's leading experts on the prevention of workplace and school violence. In 1994, he co-wrote Ticking Bombs, one of the first business books on workplace violence. He interviewed a double murderer for the book.

He holds a doctoral degree in Business Administration, an M.A. in Security Management, a B.A. in English, and a B.S. in Psychology. He is board certified in human resources, security, employee coaching, and threat management.

In 1999, Steve retired from the San Diego Police Department, where he had worked since 1984, both as a full-time officer and later as a reserve sergeant and a domestic violence investigator.

He has written 21 books on business, security, and law enforcement subjects.


Dr. Christie Kaaland is a full-time professor at Antioch University Seattle where she serves as director of the school library certification program and the associate editor of Teacher Librarian: The Journal for School Library Professionals. She has published numerous articles on school library advocacy and has been active in legislative advocacy in Washington state, resulting in passage of several bills including school library funding, ensuring retention standards, and the inclusion of school libraries in technology and information literacy initiatives. She has successfully submitted federal, institutional, and community grants. She is the author of the book, Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery in School Libraries: Creating a Safe Haven  http://www.abc-clio.com/LibrariesUnlimited/product.aspx?pc=A4381P.

Shauna Burkeen is a Library Media Specialist at Marshall County High School in Benton, KY. "This is year 15 for me as librarian at MCHS.  My degree is in Library Science so I have never taught in the classroom.  I have lived in Benton, KY my entire life. I graduated from Marshall County High School in 1996 and Murray State University in 2003.  I have been married for almost 18 years to my high school sweetheart.  We have 2 sons, ages 15 and 11.  And I never expected a school shooting to happen in my school where I went and where I teach and where my son also attends.  Even though we are just a short 30-minute drive from Heath High School, where a school shooting occurred in 1997.  Even though we have talked about the scenarios, been trained on active shooter incidents, I never really thought it would happen.  But it did, on January 23, 2018."

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