Wholehearted Moderator Chat

Welcome, volunteer moderators! Thank you for being here!

FULL INSTRUCTIONS for volunteer moderators are below the chat box. Please read them. 

When you come to this page, the chat program assigns you a random name. It's likely the top username on the right side. If you click on that username, you should be able to change the nickname to your own name.

Please keep this page open while moderating. It will allow you to communicate with us in case you or the presenter encounter any difficulties. You can turn off the sound if you need to (see the speaker icon below).


  • The conference platform is Zoom. Please sign up for an account at zoom.us if you do not already have one. You can go to https://zoom.us/test to test once you have an account.
  • The volunteer coordinator here will assign you to a session room and give you the public link to that room.
  • To make the toolbar appear, hover the mouse over the screen.
  • First, click on the "Participants" icon at the bottom of the window, open the participant box, click on raise hand at the bottom of the box. This will put you to the top of the participant list so that the presenter can easily find you. Turn on your microphone, introduce yourself to the presenter, and ask the presenter to make you a co-host.
  • Next: turn off mics permanently for everyone by opening “Manage Participants,” clicking “Mute all” at the bottom of the participants section, then clicking “More” and unchecking "Allow Participants to Unmute Themselves.” This will prevent anyone from being able to turn on their microphone unless a host clicks to change that option or to give individual permission to turn on the mic. 
  • Be ready to turn off video of anyone attending. This is important. Once you turn off someone's webcam, the attendee cannot turn it back on.
  • Please make sure that the presenter has started the recording when they start their session. Look next to the presenters name in the participant list for a cloud with a red dot. If the presenter hasn't started the recording, you can gently come on audio and mention that out loud to them.
  • Watch the chat, respond to any questions that don't require the presenter's specific attention, make note of those questions that do so that if the presenter asks you, you can relay what was asked. Before the session begins, you can work out with the presenter what role they want you to play with the participants.

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