Thank you for being a part of our Library 2.0 event.
1. ZOOM PLATFORM: All conference sessions will be held in the "Meeting" platform. Please sign up for a free account at to test that the program works on your computer or device and to practice. The Zoom account that we are using will allow up to 300 people in your meeting room. 
2. ZOOM PRACTICING: Please use your own Zoom account to practice. Do not use the special login which is sent to you the day before your session to practice, since if you test the recording function in the official room it will be confusing to our staff to know which is the final recording. 

When you practice using the Zoom meeting platform you should invite someone in to watch to make sure, in particular, that your audio, video, and sharing of your presentation slides are working. We expect that you will make sure you are comfortable presenting in Zoom and have practiced. If you experience a problem or difficulty please visit If you are still not able to figure something out, you can email  

3. ZOOM  LOG-IN: Your Zoom login and password will be sent by email the day before you actually present. Do not give the login and password out to anyone except co-presenters or a special helper. To use your conference-specific Zoom login account to present on the day of the conference, you will need to temporarily log out of the personal Zoom account you are currently using. Go to, click on "MY ACCOUNT" at the top right, then click on "SIGN OUT."

If on the day of your presentation you have not received the special login and password, please email

You will not be starting Zoom the way you are likely used to by using a room link. Please read the immediately following information...
4. TO START (OPEN) YOUR ZOOM ROOM: Once logged into with your special presenter login, you start (open) your Zoom room by finding for the "HOST A MEETING" link at the top right of the Zoom page, hovering over it, and choosing to start your meeting either with or without video. You are not required to present with video of yourself showing, but one of the benefits of the Zoom platform is the high-quality webcam video. When you are in Zoom, if you don't see the toolbar, it should appear when you hover your mouse over the bottom of the screen.
You should log in and start your special Zoom session at least thirty minutes before your conference session is to start. When you log into your Zoom room, you're using the special log-in credentials for the conference and they show up as your "name." If you open the participant window, you can hover over the default name "Learning..." and rename yourself to your actual name.
The first thing you need to do is to click the option to mute everyone, which is located at the bottom of the participant panel. Uncheck the option to allow participants to unmute themselves (you'll see this on the pop-up window and it can also be found under "More" at the bottom of the participant panel).
5. CO-PRESENTERS & HELPERS: If you have a co-presenter, they will use the same credentials we send to you, or they can log in to the public session link in the conference schedule and you can upgrade them to co-host in the participant window (hover over their name, use MORE button, and make them a "co-host"). Do not make them the "host" of the room, as you would then lose your own host status--be sure instead to make them a "co-host."
6. SPECIAL HELPER NOTES: By default attendees in your session room will have their audio and video turned off so as not to distract you, you will have muted everyone as indicated above, and they have specific instructions on the opening slide and in their final email directions not to try and turn them on. Zoom doesn't allow us to permanently lock attendee video in the off position--this is one of the few downsides to Zoom's standard functionality. Nobody should be in your session room unless they have joined the Learning Revolution site, so it's unlikely that we'll get someone who will do something inappropriate, but we'd prefer that participant videos not be on. Your helper or co-presenter can turn off any video as soon as it appears by clicking the upper right of the video image and select the option to turn off the video.
If you do want to allow a participant to take the microphone, say in a Q&A portion of your presentation, please ask the attendee to raise his or her virtual hand in the participant box, and you can hover over their name and “unmute.” This immediately turns on their microphone. You could do this for video but we don't recommend it.
Your special helper can also remind you to make sure you have started the recording (information below). If the recording has not been started, they should turn on their microphone and gently interrupt you with a reminder to start the recording.
7. YOUR PRESENTATION SLIDES: You can create your presentation slides in any format on your computer that you would normally use, but you will need to make sure that you can screen-share that presentation in your session room. The screen-sharing of presentations is done through the share button at the bottom of your screen. You start your presentation on your computer, you click on the share button in Zoom, you select the screen/application which is your presentation, and it will share it with the participants. Again, please make sure you practice this and connect with us if you are experiencing any difficulties. The Zoom help center topic on screen-sharing is at When you go to share your screen, the toolbar that was at the bottom of your screen will minimize and jump to the top of the screen. You will have to click it and explore the "More..." options to start the recording and re-open the chat and participants boxes.
A small set of opening slides that you need to incorporate into the start of your presentation can be downloaded HERE. Please start your presentation with our starting slide and move through them before showing your own presentation slides. The slides are available in .pptx, .jpg (zipped), and Google Slides format. (If you are going to use the Google Slides version, you'll have to make a copy of the file to put into your own Google Drive. You won't have permission to edit the main Google Slides file.) Please put your name and your session title on the opening slide, and please recognize any sponsors when you get to that slide, right before you begin your own presentation slides. 
If you want to share your presentation file with your attendees, you can send them to and we'll post them with your session recording.
8. SHARING VIDEO IN ZOOM: If you want to share a video with attendees during your session, when you click on the "Share Screen" icon to share your browser, be sure to click "Share computer sound." If you started your screen sharing without this, stop screen sharing, start again and be sure to click "Share computer sound."
9. RECORDING YOUR SESSION: You will be responsible for clicking the record button (bottom of the screen) when you start your actual presentation, and then clicking it off when you are done. Your recording will process and then be available to our master Zoom account, which we will convert and put in the conference recordings area. To make sure you don't forget to record, there is a slide, in the set of opening slides attached, which reminds you to start recording. To make sure you are recording, check the participant panel and look next to the presenter's name. An icon of a cloud with a red dot indicates a recording is in process. 

Here's to a great conference! Please continue to promote the conference by sending people to

10: FINAL IMPORTANT NOTE: Never share the Zoom attendee link for your session on social media or in any other way. In order to protect our educational sessions from individuals or groups who would log in only into to be disruptive, you should encourage anyone wanting to attend our conference or your specific session to register at so that we have control over who can see the links to attend sessions.

See you "online!"

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