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Library 2.018: "Blockchain Applied: Impact on the Information Profession"

Blockchain technology has the potential to enhance the role played by libraries within their communities, however, there are many questions yet to be answered about how specifi

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Library 2.018: "Design Thinking: How Librarians Are Incorporating It Into Their Practice"

This online and participatory conference presents a unique opportunity to showcase the research, work, and thinking on "Design Thinking," especially the ways th

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This page hosts the YouTube livestream overflow for the Library 2.0 event. It will be used for the pre-conference and keynote sessions only.

Please refresh the page to have it update.

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We are partnering with Badge List to issue digital credentials for the conference this year. is a platform for building, hosting and issuing digital credentials based on learning experiences. Follow this link to start earning your badge

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Attending Library 2.016:

The Library 2.0 virtual conference is free to attend.  No registration is required to attend these sessions, but please consider registering at this site so we can keep you updated about upcoming events.

Webinar Platform:


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Recording links for the 2016 Library as Classroom mini-conference will work immediately following the conference.  

Each session will have three recording versions:

  1. The full Blackboard Collaborate version (requires Java, lets you see the chat conver
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Hey GEC Members!

We're about a month away from the start of Global Leadership Week! Read on to learn how you can participate in our newest event to designed to connect educators with global organizations and resources. Global Leadership Week is April

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