CANCELLED: Library 2.0 Special Webinar - “Librarians Respond to Coronavirus and Other Pandemics"


Date and Time: Thursday, March 26th, 4:00 pm Eastern

Registration: No registration is required, just make sure you’re a member of Library 2.0 (free). You will need to be logged into Library 2.0 to participate in the webinar or watch the recording afterwards. 

Online: The event will be held in Zoom and simulcast/overflow on YouTube. Instructions will be on this page the day of the broadcast. To test your system for Zoom you can sign up for a free account at

Recording: A recording of the event will be posted here within a day of the event.

Description: Three librarians active in state, regional, and national initiatives, will discuss roles librarians in all types of settings can take on during public health emergencies such as the current coronavirus outbreak. Not only do librarians support their specific patrons, they also serve a larger public community. The unique combination of research and evaluation skills is essential in times when myths and misinformation fuel fear around these types of events. Credible resources, ways to partner with internal and external agencies, and ideas on how to add value to your institution will all be covered in this one-hour webinar.


Michele Stricker is the Deputy State Librarian of Lifelong Learning at the New Jersey State Library where she is responsible for library trustee and director education and training, strategic planning, preservation planning and best practices for special collections, disaster preparedness, and community resiliency. In addition to an MLIS from Rutgers University, she has an MFA in Museum Studies from Syracuse University, and an MA in Art History from the University of Pennsylvania. She received her certification in Preservation Management from the Rutgers School of Professional Development, and has taught Preservation of Library & Archival Materials for the Rutgers Graduate School of Communication & Information.

Ms. Stricker has spent the last year, along with a special consultant, on assembling a statewide digitization needs survey for small libraries, archives, museums, and historical societies throughout the state. She was a founding member of the Collections Care Consortium of NJ, and the New Jersey Cultural Alliance for Response. She was named a 2019 Mover & Shaker by Library Journal.

Siobhan Champ-Blackwell is a medical librarian at the National Library of Medicine (NLM). She has been working as a member of the Disaster Information Management Research Center (DIMRC) since 2012, where she provides training in the disaster information specialization program, is content editor of the NLM Disaster Lit® database and manages the social media and communication tools for DIMRC. She has an MSLIS from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and was named a 2005 Mover & Shaker by Library Journal.

Jacqueline Leskovec, MLIS, MA, RN is the Network Librarian for the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM) Greater Midwest Region (GMR). She has worked with NNLM in various professional capacities since 2005. In addition to her work as a medical librarian, Jacqueline has almost 20 years’ practice as an RN.

Jacqueline is the GMR lead for Emergency Preparedness and Response and has achieved Level I designation in the Disaster Information Specialization.