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Erica Esqueda, University of North Texas PhD Student, Learning Technologies Department 

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University of North Texas 

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Raul Segundo JR, Sharyland High School, English Language Arts Teacher 

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South Texas 

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K-12 Educators 

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School Librarians and Teachers Adapting Routines in Current Pandemic Conditions 

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For some time now the effects of technology have changed the design of library services and librarian rolesSchool librarians have become advocates for technology integration this coupled with their knowledge of the district's curriculum across subjects and grade levels makes them valuable in the current distance learning response to COVID-19. While some technical issues arise from online learning, they are overshadowed by the pedagogical and instructional challenges faced by educators in this new environment. In what seems like an instant, educators went from varying levels of technology integration in their classroom to employing it daily with remote learning. This session will discuss the current challenges and opportunities related to the use of some digital applications to transform traditional pedagogies and practices that foster deep engagement into a digital context. The end goal is curate and provide some resources for possible collaborations with teachers or professional development opportunities in the areas of distance learning.  

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