Bringing together those creating, organizing, & distributing knowledge part of Global Library 2.0 Week this summer
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Global Librarians Organizing

We are a open group and forum for those interested in the future of libraries and the creation, organization, and distribution of knowledge, information and culture worldwide.

We are here to ease the self-organizing process for people and help them connect quickly with others with similiar interests, concerns, and objectives.

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Global Library 2.0 Week
July 22nd to July 28th, 2007

Spread the Word & Participate this Summer!

Let's get every library in the world onboard...Start Now

The Goal:
To have all Libraries around the world stop and spend time with web 2.0, web 3D, and new media applications and participate in whatever way they choose in the global networked world.

Whether it is simply teaching your staff how to blog, making your first wiki, running & broadcasting a community event, partnering with organizations outside the library world, getting a 2nd life, joining or organizing a participatory network, connecting with librarians from different parts of the world...or organizing an unconference, creating better library applications for mobile phones, come up with ways to intergrate citizen's media into your library...


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