I was just wondering if anyone else was using Wikipedia to bring users to online resources. At UNT, I started "wikitizing" our digital collections in September of 2005 by creating links back to digital materials in relevant articles. We have hundreds of articles linking back to the Portal to Texas History (http://texashistory.unt.edu/) and the UNT Libraries Digital Collections (http://digital.library.unt.edu/), which includes Government Documents.As an example, in the Wikipedia article about Sandra Day O'Connor, in the external links we added a link for "Read Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports regarding Justice O'Connor." Clicking on the link directs users to four CRS Reports: "Affirmative Action: Justice O'Connor's Opinions", "The Retirement of Justice O'Connor: Quorum Requirements, Rehearings and Vote Counts in the Supreme Court", "The Law of Church and State: Selected Opinions of Justice O'Connor", and "Property Rights "Takings": Justice O'Connor's Opinions."Since adding links back to our collections into over 600 Wikipedia articles, we have experience dramatically increased usage of our online collections. In the past year over 400,000 unique users have clicked through Wikipedia into our digital collections.

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