The usefulness of mobile phones vis-a-vis Library 2.0 in the delivery of clinical knowledge in aid of qualitative health care especially to assist healthcare providers in Low Income Countries (LICs) is to be looked into here.I will start off with the usefulness of mobile phones and invite others to contribute to the discussion and make an imput on the essence of library 2.0 in supporting healthcare providers in LICs.No doubt, mobile phones can be very effective for the medical doctors to pass across vital health information to healthcare providers for the benefit of the patients located at widely distanced communities apart. The use of mobile phones — in terms of its structural, economic, or motivational values in dispensing clinical knowledge cannot be undervalued, especially nowadays with the incorporation of cameras and WIFI (or "walk n web") in new phones.With such components in mobile phones, access to some useful health information and speedy diagnosis of some medical problems is facilitated. Although, we may not be reaping the full public health benefits as obtained in advanced economies but with the lack of adequate investment on clinical research by the governments from LICs, the shift and encouragement in the use of mobile phones will assist greatly to make available information on required procedures for attending to some health problems and their treatment by the healthcare providers.

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