A group of people met for "Library" in order to continue taking actions during Covid-19 Pandemic.


1- Sharing their ideas, experiences, materials, useful links 

2- Ask Questions and the community will answer. 

3- Sharing useful materials & Links.

4- Collaborate from different parts of the world, if necessary.

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Good News! Collaborative Library on Zotero is ready for us? Who wants to join?

Here You will find most of the resources by speakers organized in Folders. What does it contain?This Group contains resources which will be added, modified, and updated by Tell Your story: Library in Action (Covid-19) Group members.Now, it has all the links provided by our great speakers on Library2.0 Mini-conference. How can I participate in the Zotero group library? Please fill this very short form (Here), so I can add you to the Zotero Group.Instructions will be sent, shortly.How can we make…

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Welcoming & What is Next?

Hello Everyone, I started this discussion for us and all of us, so we can havean introduction for everyone. & Addressing What do you think should be your "Step Up"/"Next Step"/"serving community" during the crisis?It is up to you to choose what would you like to know about you, your work, hobbies, fears, achievements, challenges. If you have not watched "Libraries Stepping Up! Serving the Needs of Communities in Crisis" mini-conference (Full Sessions Here)

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