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  • I am looking for resources/ links that are opening up content for free for seconday school students.
  • Add me plz
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Independent School Librarians

I'm hoping to find some other independent school librarians and educators.  Independent schools have some unique circumstances (both benefits and challenges), and librarians at these schools often have special flexibility to solve problems differently from public schools.  Is anyone out there connected with an independent school?More information about Independent Schools: http://www.independenteducation.org/File%20Library/Unassigned/FAQs-for-Washingtonian.pdf

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I need help for organizing the Book Fair.How do you all keep track of what books you are selling andwhat books are sold? I always have a list in Exceland check the books that are sold, but it is too much work.Thanks for any idea.

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School Archives

We are going to move into a new school in January 2011.  While preparing for our move, I've come across a treasure trove of primary source archival materials from our school (photos, videos, pamphlets, newsstories, maps, building plans, etc.)  These materials tell our school's history.  I am thinking of starting a digital school archive collection.  Do any of you have experience doing this?  If you could share your stories/advice with me I would greatly appreciate your thoughts.   

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