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My work with Infopeople brings me into contact with all types of trainers and training. For the most recent series of Infopeople web 2.0 learning opportunities, titled Moving Libraries Forward to Web 2.0 —a wonderful array of face-to-face (or as Infopeople terms onground), online and webcast—I recruited new instructors.I identified a number of new instructors from the groundbreaking Five Weeks to a Social Library, "the first free, grassroots, completely online course devoted to teaching librarians about social software and how to use it in their libraries."I hope this ning group will be another source I can use both to find new talent and to share information to help others. I look forward to hearing about new ideas and recommendations for instructors.I edit the CLENExchange, newsletter of the Continuing Library Education Network and Exchange (CLENE) Round Table of ALA. I hope all those interested in training will join CLENE in promoting best practices and attend the great programs at the ALA Annual conference in June—especially the Training Showcase.I also hope we will share best practices and recommendations for speakers, instructors, etc. from outside the library field. Two of the most exciting sources of learning from "outsiders" I have found are Elliott Masie's Learning Conferences and the TED Conferences.

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