Inviting Volunteers

Hello to our Library 2.013 Volunteers,

I'm excited for the conference. It's hard to believe it will begin just six weeks from today!

Let's start building up our group of volunteers. You can help by encouraging people with some Collaborate experience to join the volunteer group. Here are the steps:

1) Join the Library 2.0 network ( and click "Sign up")

2) After your membership is approved, login and click "Groups"

3) Click the Volunteers - Library 2.013 group

4) Click "Join Volunteers - Library 2.013"

Also, you can start using the "Star Volunteer" image and a link to the conference in your email signature lines. Here's a link to the image (or save it from where it is posted on our volunteer group page): you can add this link to it:

We currently have 23 members in the group. How soon can we reach 50? 100?

We'll soon be posting a list of the dates/times for training sessions and the volunteer sign-up page so that you can indicate your availability.

Fun times ahead! 

--Debbie Faires (Volunteer Co-ordinator)

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