Volunteer Trainings

Steve has set up 4 volunteer trainings and 1 open house between now and the conference. If you are presenting or moderating then you should choose ONE of these to attend, and come to the open house if you have questions. Alternately, contact me or Debbie or Nikki on this ning for questions, concerns, or virtual coffee (oh that's me).

Steve usually sets up a 'youcanbookme' widget to book moderators for the sessions. I would expect he will do that soon.  There will be a volunteer lounge, the hourly sessions will be on the whiteboard, and we will place our names next to the ones we will moderate.  Please come into the volunteer lounge before you go to your session to tell us where you are.

All the links will be sent by Steve, he is very efficient at this.  A bunch of us have done many of his online conferences, and some of us have done the Library 2.0 conference as well.

Questions? Concerns? Find Lisa 

Lisa Durff

Email: mrsdurff@gmail.com
Skype: mrsdurff OR 301 358 5186 

Google Voice: 240 347 3873
Twitter: @Durff

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