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  • Hello Harry- thank you for the kind comment! I'm proud of my website, and I appreciate your input. I used to have a suggestion/comment form, but I removed it because of spammers. I am from the US, but have lived in Switzerland for 14 yrs. We are not too far from Frutigen- maybe 1 1/2 hours drive.
  • Hi, I was curious to see who from Switzerland was here ... and found you! Also went to your school library's website and looked at it...WOW! It is great! YOU ARE DOING A GOOD JOB--KEEP IT UP!
    I'd encourage students and any viewers of your website to give me suggestions, comments, etc.!!!(Plz add...)
    RSVP How far from you is Frutigen? I visited there years ago and was amazed at the incessant snowfall! I want to go back.
    Harry Brooks, retired librarian
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