Safe Library Payment Basic Training


This is the registration page for the Safe Library Basic Training. The full information page is HERE.

All package prices are for a library, library system, or institution, and include individual or group viewing of the live sessions and unlimited and non-expiring individual access to the recorded sessions. For an invoice, a quotation, or to ask a question, please use the form below or linked HERE. All-access passholders will receive separate information automatically about bootcamp as it is included in your annual fee. Any questions can be directed to

 1 - 9 $199  as low as $23 
 10 - 49 $599  as low as $13 
 50 - 99 $999  as low as $11 
100 - 249  $1,999  as low as $8 
250 - 499  $2,999  as low as $6 
 500+ By quotation