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John MacLeod
Chantel Walker

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Novato, CA

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Youth and general public library members

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CREI (CA Libraries Cultivating Racial Equity and Inclusion):  Using XR to understand implicit-bias and explore a community’s “ lost stories”

Full Session Description
XR learning allows people to experience studies in an up front and close immersive environment. Understanding diversity, equity and social justice is enhanced by personally experiencing implicit biases. Embodiment may change negative interpersonal attitudes and thus represent a powerful tool for exploring such fundamental psychological and societal phenomena.

The XR Equity & Diversity Playbook was constructed for libraries to explore how to use VR and dis­cuss equity and diversity through an “immersive experience”. Virtual Reality is an immersive medium through which one can experience how it is to ‘walk’ in another person’s shoes or ‘see’ through their eyes. Therefore, it is a perfect medium to build empathy and create understanding between diverse people and cultures. Witness the world through a blind person’s eyes in Notes on Blindness, or un­derstand the hurdles an African American person would encounter in America of the 1960’s in Travel­ling While Black. Be immersed in the modern racial justice movement in In Protest, or get in the mind of a someone who has mental health issues in Depression. Uncover the story of a wrongfully convict­ed man in Send Me Home. Stories of hope, perseverance and dignity of the human spirit abound in Virtual Reality. (See attached playbook) 

The tools for creating XR are available to create immersive experiences. Students were taught XR Core Craft skills in a culturally relevant project examining diversity and equity. Students created multi-media experiences of the Marin City’ African-American workers in the Marin Shipyards during WWII. The project had three separate tracks: Immersive Storytelling, Music, and VR modeling.

Youth created an XR experience based on historical research of African Americans working in the MARINSHIP Boatyard while living in Marin City during WWII. They wrote and produced six hip-hop songs and created an immersive 3D replica of the WW II Shipyard and Marin City home.

A video was produced about the CREI project featuring Chantel Walker, the research of Yolo and Palos Verdes Libraries staff and the soundtrack and media from Marin City. A Way Out of No Way immersive media program.

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