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Taking library leadership personally

Pete Macauley and I wrote an article for the special leadership issue of the Australian Library Journal last year.  Here is a link to the article, fyi.Davis, H.  & Macauley, P. (2011) Taking library leadership personally, Australian Library Journal (Special Issue–Library leadership: Creating and sustaining a performance development culture), 60(1): pp. 41-53.cheersHeather

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Unbelievable article by Michaels Casey & Stephens

What do you all think of Michael Casey's & Michael Stephens's article in Library Journal, "The Open Door Director"?I find it a flabbergastingly good article. Finally, it doesn't focus on the technology (which I believe is secondary to what Library 2.0 is about), but rather on the implications of what using these technologies do.And they're amazingly frank, insisting that person in a responsible leadership role should leave the door open to communication. But this is not just about people in…

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