Megan McNaughton replied to Iris Finkel's discussion Turning Covid Positive: Boosting Morale with Virtual Library Day
"Wow, I love this idea! I'm very curious to check out your linked sites and learn more."
Megan McNaughton replied to Molly Virello's discussion A Triumphant Return to the Library: Tips & Tricks for Our New Normal
"Oooooh, this sounds like such a great topic, Molly!"
Megan McNaughton replied to Brandi Cummings's discussion Fitting an Entire Community into a Zoom Room
"Eager to learn how you've handled this topic!"
Adegoke Kudirat Abiola (mrs) commented on Steve Hargadon's article Library 2.0 Mini-Conference FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
"Thanks for this opportunity. I and my senior colleague will like to submit a proposal but will you issue us a certificate of presentation to serve as evidence of presentation to our institution?"
Apr 16
Cassandra Smith replied to Hannah Buckland's discussion Changing the Narrative: Reconciliation Work in Libraries
"I'm really looking forward to this session. As an Australian library technocian currently studying a Master's if LIM, I recognise an urgent need to engage in these practices of reconciliation and acknowledgement the role settler colonialism…"
Sep 27, 2020
Bob Kosovsky posted a discussion in Archives and Web 2.0
In the main group, I recently posted the announcement for the conference Computers in Libraries 2008. One of the themes to be covered is taking advantage of user-generated content. Together, with the whole notion of Web & Library 2.0, it suggests…
Feb 7, 2020
Bob Kosovsky posted a discussion in Creative Librarians
I saw Terry Teachout's article Importantitis, Enemy of Art: How to Wreck a Career in One Easy Lesson in the Wall Street Journal of Feb. 16, 2008."Importantitis" is the word Stephen Sondheim used to describe Leonard Bernstein's inability to follow-up…
Feb 18, 2008
Bob Kosovsky posted a discussion in Creative Librarians
That's the title of a blog post on 21st Century Collaborative, a blog of Sheryl, a technology and education consultant and adjunct instructor in the School of Education at The College of William and Mary. She writes many fascinating blog posts which…
Aug 28, 2007
Bob Kosovsky posted a discussion in Creative Librarians
Take a look at this blog post: course it's agist, but I find the assumptions interesting.
Aug 16, 2007
Bob Kosovsky posted a discussion in Library Leadership
What do you all think of Michael Casey's & Michael Stephens's article in Library Journal, "The Open Door Director"?I find it a flabbergastingly good article. Finally, it doesn't focus on the technology (which I believe is secondary to what Library…
Jul 20, 2007