Library 2.013 Conference Strands

You can indicate one or more conference strands when you submit your presentation. Your presentation does not have to fit into the conference strands to be considered--the strands exist for the convenience of those interested in finding particular themes.

Please also note that the strands are topical, that is, they give you the freedom to showcase the work you are doing within whichever environment you are working or within whichever environment you feel your work could have relevance: public, academic, school, special library, government agencies or a non-library environment.

STRAND 1: Digital Services, Preservation, and Access 
Strand Tag: "2.013Digital"

Example topics: 

  • Building sustainable digital collections
  • Challenges and examples of data curation
  • Creating ontologies and metadata schemes
  • Implementing digital initiatives among museums, archives and libraries
  • Managing digital collections, digital archives, or digital repositories
  • New forms of scholarly publishing
  • Organizing and managing electronic records including reliability and authenticity issues
  • Organizing knowledge that is distributed globally and managed virtually
  • Evaluating the user experience and/or other metrics for these projects

STRAND 2: Emerging Technologies and Trends
Strand Tag: "2.013Emerging"

Example topics:

  • Augmented reality
  • E-books and e-book devices
  • Internet of things and smart objects
  • Librarians’ role in supporting MOOCs
  • Mobile access to services
  • New forms of delivery and emerging models of literacies such as game-based learning
  • QR Codes
  • RFID
  • Social networking trends and implications
  • Evaluating the user experience and/or other metrics for these technologies and trends

STRAND 3: Learning Commons (for school libraries and/or academic libraries)
Strand Tag: "2.013LC"

Example topics:

  • Collaborate teaching and learning
  • Copyright, licensing, intellectual property
  • Distance learners
  • Effective techniques for instructing users in the retrieval and evaluation of information 
  • Embedded librarians
  • Information/technology literacies
  • Innovative delivery models in school libraries
  • Library roles in e-research
  • New forms of scholarly publishing
  • Physical learning commons
  • Technologies in the learning commons
  • Virtual learning commons
  • Evaluating the user experience and/or other metrics for learning commons

STRAND 4: Management of Libraries and Information Centers in the 21st Century
Strand Tag: "2.013Management"

Example topics:

  • Advocacy
  • Alternative library spaces
  • Analytics as used to report value to organizational stakeholders
  • Embedded librarians
  • Grant writing
  • Green libraries
  • Managing people
  • Marketing/PR
  • Outsourcing
  • Privatization
  • Evaluating the user experience and/or other metrics for these projects

STRAND 5: User Centered Services and Models
Strand Tag: "2.013User"

Example topics:

  • Community programming
  • Innovative programming 
  • Maker spaces
  • Multilingual populations and services
  • Participatory service 
  • Reaching out to diverse communities
  • Serving distributed and distance users
  • Storytelling
  • Evaluating the user experience and/or other metrics for these services and models

STRAND 6: Library and Information Professionals – Evolving Roles and Opportunities
Strand Tag: "2.013Evolving"

Example topics:

  • Applying library and information science skills in a non-library environment
  • Advocacy and building influence (professionally and institutionally)
  • Leadership skills needed by library and information professionals 
  • Library and information professional careers in a networked and changing world
  • Retooling and continuing professional development

STRAND 7: Doctoral Student Research
Strand Tag: "2.013Doctoral"


  • Present your research in a non-threatening environment and get feedback from professionals who might be interested in implementing your research.
  • Add online presentation experience to your resume –most LIS programs are looking for faculty who can present online.

STRAND 8: Library and Information Center “Tours”
Strand Tag: "2.013Tours"


  • Provide an environmental scan of your library or information center. We would like to “see” different libraries from around the world.
  • Illustrate the physical layout of your library
  • Describe your services
  • Describe challenges and how you overcame them
  • Questions or ideas? We've set up a discussion forum for this strand.