Final Presenter Email

The Library 2.011 Conference is almost here! Thank you so much for presenting. Here are some final notes that you will want to keep handy during the conference:

1.  The time you are scheduled to present can be seen on the "SESSIONS AND SCHEDULE" page for your time zone.

2.  Please come into your session room room 15 - 30 minutes before your scheduled start time. A moderator volunteer will come in to check on how you are doing and coordinate with you.

3.  If you need help at any time during the conference, you can come into the volunteer coordinating lounge room at

4. The special, hidden page that has your moderator link to your presentation is at This page is just for moderators and presenters, so please DO NOT SHARE IT in any way as we do not want any participants entering session rooms as moderators.

5.  Before the conference begins, participant links will be placed in the session descriptions on the time-zone schedule pages. If you want to send someone the participant link to your session directly, you can use the following page with participant only links:

6.  Once inside your session room, you will find slides with notes to help you and the presenter work together to prepare.

Good luck, and see you online!

Steve Hargadon
Co-Chair, Library 2.011