• Your Name and Title:
    • Kelsey Gallagher Mambach, Assistant Director of Libraries
  • Library, School, or Organization Name:
    • Union College of Union County, NJ
  • Co-Presenter Name(s):
    • n/a
  • Area of the World from Which You Will Present:
    • Linden, New Jersey, USA
  • Language in Which You Will Present:
    • English
  • Target Audience(s):
    • Library Workers who run their organization's social media channels
  • Short Session Description (one line):
    • This session will showcase how library workers in charge of their institution/organization's social media channels can create a sense of belonging with their library patrons by promoting diverse library resources.
  • Full Session Description (as long as you would like):
    • Utilizing social media to promote library resources is an excellent way to engage your patrons - especially patrons who predominately utilize online library resources and/or are active on social media.  In using strategic posting, library workers can showcase their library's resources in ways that do not seem arbitrary, contrived, or forced - as well as promote diverse items.  This presentation will put forth a few strategies for library workers in charge of their institution/organization's social media channels to use to create a sense of belonging with their patrons.  Strategic word choice, hashtags, and curation of materials will also be discussed.  Libraries are the keepers of information and the lifeline for many underrepresented and disenfranchised groups.  We have a responsibility to our patrons to provide information items that fit their needs and also promote their unique voices and stories.  Sometimes this can be difficult, depending on the political environment of your library's community and the political environment of your greater country - but we still have the same responsibility, no matter what.  The presentation will discuss using social media to handle "difficult," "controversial," and "hard" content; how you can make your minority patrons feel seen and safe; and how you can promote truth and point your patrons in the correct direction to access credible sources about hard and controversial information.
  • Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session:
    • I do not have any websites or URLs

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