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Ronne Jones Cox 

Electronic Resources & Discovery Librarian


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The Paul Meek Library at the University of TN at Martin


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Tennessee, United States


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Academic & Public Libraries


Short Session Description (one line):  Collaborative programming: How we reach our comm unities by working together!


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How an Academic library has collaborated with public, k-12, and other academic institutions in our area to make a brighter future for our community and those that we serve. In a world where libraries are consistently facing challenges, we need each other now more than ever. This presentation will demonstrate how an academic library has collaborated with all of the libraries in our area to promote programing, stimulate conversations, connect our users to services and offerings, and being a support that we all need during these trying times. Simple tips and tricks to get the collaborative ideas rolling and revitalize our communities love for the library, our donors' pockets, and our passion for the work that we do every day.


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