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A HUGE and special thanks to you for presenting at the conference! Here are some final notes that you will want to keep handy during the conference:

  • The time of your session(s) is listed on the "SESSIONS AND SCHEDULE" page for your time zone. Please double check to make sure you know when you are going to present.
  • IMPORTANT: The private page that lists the presenter/moderator links for each individual session is HERE. This page is just for presenters and moderators, so please DO NOT SHARE IT as we do not want any participants entering session rooms as moderators.
  • Please go into your presentation room room 30 minutes before your sessions begins to check your microphone and sound, to upload any presentation slides, and to welcome attendees.
  • If you need some help before your session, the volunteer "lounge" will be open during the conference and we will be glad to help you. The link to the room is HERE
  • The schedule, information, and recordings for the training for presenters and volunteer moderators are HERE.
  • We've had a terrific response to the conference, and have at least 6 presentations for almost all session hours. We will work hard to try and have a volunteer moderator for each session, and at the very least one of the volunteer  supervisors will come in and check you you before your session. If for some reason you do not have a volunteer moderator in your session and you experience any difficulty, you can keep your session room open and also open the volunteer "lounge" room and ask for help.
  • As a related note, we would really appreciate it if you could help to moderator some sessions when you are not presenting! You can sign up for volunteer times slots during the conference HERE. We've had a great response to the conference, and so could really use as much help as you can give--so don't be shy about signing up for multiple sessions!
  • Please consider the audience that attends your session as a "studio audience." We had almost 10,000 attendee log-ins last year, and expect even more this year, but because we have so many sessions and in all different time zones, many who will want to attend your session will have to watch the recording--so don't be discouraged if the attendance is less than you hoped!
  • Please continue to let people know about this free conference! There are badges, logos, and sample email text for you to use HERE (and below). Thank you!

Please use one of the badges below to give yourself credit as a presenter--right-click on the image to save, and link to

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Edited session info, but now it doesn't show up as accepted

Hi,I wanted to add a URL to my session description, but now it doesn't show up as an accepted session.  However, it is still listed on the sessions for today at 4pm eastern time, 2pm my mountain time.  Does that matter for people being able to get into the session? didn't change a tag or anything else.  What did I do wrong?

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A few questions

Hi, Debbie and Steve: I've reviewed the training session archive and have a few questions...When should we upload our presentation slides? How soon in advance can we do this?Which feature should we use if we want to do a live demo (for a social networking site)? Application sharing or Web Tour? Thanks!Africa

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Happy to be back!

I'm so excited about the opportunity to present again at Library 2.012! This is such a great venue to meet and exchange ideas and projects that keep our libraries alive and well! I can't wait to participate in this fall's conference!Roxanne

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