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Important Presenter Information

Practice Room:

Join the Practice Room anytime to try uploading your slides, test your audio, and explore Blackboard Collaborate features. Click here to enter.

Here are some notes that you will want to keep handy during the event:

  • If your session was accepted, please make sure you have scheduled your session time. You should have received and email, a copy of which is in your inbox, that gives instructions for choosing a presentation time.
  • Training information for you is here. You are responsible for learning to use the Blackboard Collaborate platform, and there is link to a recorded training session on that page. Of real importance:  1) Your slides need to be in Powerpoint (ppt or pptx) or Open Office (odp) format, or as individual images. Keynote, Google Slides, or any other program’s file will need to be converted. 2) If you want to show a video, it needs to be uploaded to YouTube or another flash-based service. 3) Bb Collaborate strips out animations or slide transitions. 4) Make sure you have practiced getting into Bb Collaborate and loading your slides--it is incredibly stressful for you and your moderator helper if you try to do so for the first time when you come for your actual presentation.
  • PLEASE NOTE that you cannot use the mobile Blackboard Collaborate app to present, because it doesn't have the full program capabilities. You must use the regular computer version to present.
  • Timing of your presentation session(s) is listed on the schedule page for your time zone. Please double check to make sure you know when you are going to present.
  • IMPORTANT: The private page that lists the presenter/moderator links for each individual session is is where you will find the link to enter your session room with the correct privileges. This page is just for presenters and volunteers, so please do not share it as we do not want any participants entering session rooms as moderators. Do NOT go into your session room to practice, as you are likely to accidentally accept the prompt to start recording, and it will mess everything up. To practice, see the information on the training page.
  • Please go into your presentation room at least 30 minutes before your sessions begins to check your microphone and sound, to upload any presentation slides, and to welcome attendees.
  • If you need some help before your session, the volunteer lounge will be open during the conference and we will be glad to help you. The link to the room is
  • We will work hard to try and have a volunteer moderator for each session, and at the very least one of the volunteer supervisors will come in and check you you before your session. If for some reason you do not have a volunteer moderator in your session and you experience any difficulty, you can come into the volunteer lounge room and ask for help.
  • We would really appreciate it if you could help to moderate some sessions when you are not presenting! It makes a huge difference to a presenter to have someone else there. You can sign up for volunteer time slots during the conference here, or just show up in the lounge and let us know you are available. We could really use as much help as you can give--so don't be shy about helping for multiple sessions!
  • Consider the audience that attends your session as a "studio audience." Because we have multiple sessions in each hour time slot, many who will want to attend your session will have to watch the recording--so remember that your "studio" attendance only represents a portion of those who will watch and benefit from your presentation.
  • Please continue to let people know about this free conference! You can find promotional materials here.

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